PlayPulse Visits Humanistskolen

PlayPulse Visits Humanistskolen

As we get closer and closer to the final product, it’s really nice for us to engage and check in with the PlayPulse community. One early collaboration we had was with Humanistskolen, a unique school in Oslo that prioritizes life skills, flexibility, and an active lifestyle. We worked with CEO Thomas H. Johansen to station four prototypes at his school for a school year and let the kids try them out. This month, we came back to visit and let the kids try out a couple of newer prototypes. 

“We used [the bikes] in P.E. class so that they were assigned to do 25 minutes of exercise on the bike whenever they wanted to,” he says. “Our school day is active, but they can be more active using the bikes and it’s fun.”

Humanistskolen will be among the first to receive bikes next year, and Thomas is “very excited to have the new bikes here. They look great! The games have also gotten better.” 

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Humanistskolen and speak with Thomas. He told us a little bit about why he wanted the first prototypes, and how PlayPulse has impacted the school community. 

He also shared a personal anecdote of the experience, “I used to bring my kids here, they were seven at the time. I could work while they were riding the bikes, and it was like computer gaming with good conscience because I felt good that they could play computer games while being active. It’s good as a parent [to know] that they’re not sitting still a lot.”

We are looking forward to visiting again sometime soon, and excited that they will be among those receiving the final product next year!