FAQ about the Developer platform

FAQ about the Developer platform

You had questions, we've got answers

We get a lot of questions from our community about how they can get their own games to be played on the PlayPulse ONE. 

We're always looking for great ways to expand the gaming power on our bike, so we brought in one of our top developers, Hans, to shed a little light on the questions we've received from you so far. 

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What's the process of creating a game for PlayPulse as a 3rd party developer?

So, in order to get your games onto the bike, what you would do is you would go to the PlayPulse developer portal and you would register with a developer account. There you can find documentation on how to get started on developing for the PlayPulse ONE. One of the main ways, and the one we use internally is the Unity game engine with our Unity plug in, which makes it really easy to access things like the controller input, the rumble on the controller, and the pedal input on the bike when you're done building your game, you can upload your game to the developer portal, you can publish it as a private developer app, which will make it accessible on your own bike and the bikes of your beta testers. And once your game is ready to publish, you can submit it to us for review.

When will the developer portal become accessible for third party developers?

The PlayPulse developer portal will be publicly accessible pretty shortly after the public release of the bike.

Is there a preferred game engine to create games for the PlayPulse ONE?

Internally, we use the Unity Game Engine and we have really good support for that, but we're planning to add support for more game engines in the future so you can use what fits you best.

Will I get a free bike if I create a game for the PlayPulse ONE?

We currently don't have a publicly available program for developers to get free bikes, but if you're a game developer who's interested in making games for the PlayPulse ONE, you can absolutely contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Are there guidelines as to what kind of game I can make for the PlayPulse ONE?

You can work on and make any game you want for the PlayPulse ONE. But in order to publish it publicly on the PlayPulse platform, you'll need to follow the game development guidelines.