Refund policy

Cancellation of pre-orders

The Customer may cancel the Order made in the Pre-Order as long as the request is made prior to shipment. Playpulse will send a notice of shipment approximately 14 days before the Order ships. If the Customer chooses to cancel the Order prior to shipment, the Customer is entitled to a refund. 

Playpulse will strive to reimburse your complete payment for the pre-order within six weeks after your cancellation. Please note, however, that the funds raised with your pre-order may be partially invested in product development. Delivery is contingent on sufficient funds to complete the development of the products. Hence, Playpulse cannot guarantee that you will receive a full refund in all cases as the funds raised by your pre-order may be lost, either fully or partially. Playpulse may cancel your order before the shipment date at Playpulse's own discretion. Playpulse will reimburse all your payments in the event of such cancellation.

Playpulse reserves the right to cancel your Order before the shipment date at Playpulse’s own discretion. In the event of such cancellation, Playpulse will refund the full purchase price.

You are not required to provide a reason for the cancellation. If you wish to cancel, you may do so by e-mail to Cancellation requests sent after shipment are not eligible for a refund under this clause.