FAQ about Studio

FAQ about Studio

You had questions, we've got answers

It's the last Thursday of the month, which means you've got some feedback coming your way. This month we opened the floor for you to inquire about PlayPulse STUDIO, and Marie had some fun in providing you with answers in the video below.

She covers topics ranging from how the heart rate sensors integrate into the gaming experience, to explaining the basics of what you can expect in PlayPulse STUDIO.

Everything you asked for waits behind that play button. 



PlayPulse STUDIO is our workout app in the platform where you can choose the traditional workout sessions, both endurance and intervals, but it has a gamified twist to it.

Can I compare my scores with other friends?

You get a placement on the scoreboard, both your personal scoreboard, where you can compete against yourself, and also the platform scoreboard where you can see all your friends.

Are the sessions given by people on screen or purely gamified?

We still want to keep the feeling that you sort of forget that you're working out and with the people like in the spinning session, you get reminded that you still need to work out. But here we want to keep the distraction with the game setting.

How does pedalin on the bike translate to points?

So you have these lanes and areas you need to hit with your pedal intensity and when you hit them, you get points and streaks and a lot of feedback for your great work.

Can I Keep track of my stats over time with PlayPulse Studio?

You can see, immediately after you've done a workout, you can see all the stats and the curve and the streak and the score and what not. And you can also see your previous week, month and even your year.

Do the heart rate sensors affect the PlayPulse STUDIO experience?

The heart rate sensors can be synced to the resistance, so let's say you reach a specific heart rate and then the resistance can adjust to that. And you, of course, get the stats.

How many exercises will be included in PlayPulse STUDIO?

When we ship our bikes, we will include a few workouts and we'll try to include the most common ones, like four times four, pyramid intervals and what not. And then throughout the bikes getting used, we will get feedback and use that to build more workouts as we go.

Can I get in touch with your team with ideas or suggestions?

If you want to get in touch, please reach out to us on any social media or sign up to our newsletter.

Let's play.