Let’s Change The Game!

If you love to learn, think, play and you like to take on a challenge, Playpulse is the place for you!

Let’s Change The Game!
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“What we do as a company is valuable to me. Offering people a feeling of achievement, especially people who might not love sports and exercise, but who wish they did”

Kristoffer, Head of Product


In our view, learning comes from sharing and the willingness to test, fail, re-do and succeed.


We believe you know best where to put in effort to produce optimal results.


For us, making exercise fun, is all about the quality of the game, the quality of the game comes from continuos improvement and the eagerness to do better.

Make a difference

We believe we can change the way gaming and exercise meet - for all players: in house and for the extended community of participants!

Everyone here works towards a shared goal and contributes where it’s needed

Magnus, Marketing

Working close with various teams allow you to learn and understand beyond your field of expertise

Pia, Head of Product Design

My main motivation is my belief in the product, the games and the fun of making it

Stian, Co-Founder and Head Of Technology

Open positions