PlayPulse receives investment from NetEase Games

PlayPulse receives investment from NetEase Games

I am super proud of the team making such an outstanding product that the best and biggest in the gaming industry wants to partner with us. Here follows the press announcement of our recent funding round. 
- Erling


PlayPulse AS, the creators of the PlayPulse ONE gaming bike, is announcing today that it has received an investment from NetEase Games, one of the world’s leading developers of mobile and PC games. The capital will support the upcoming launch of the PlayPulse ONE bike and related marketing campaign in the first quarter of 2023, as well as expanding its growing library of immersive content and games and expanding its global footprint.  

PlayPulse uses the motivational magic of gaming to make exercise something anyone can get excited about. Their first product, PlayPulse ONE, is an award-winning exercise bike with built-in game controllers and multiplayer games where pedaling is used to control in-game movement. With a library of custom games, fitness apps and streaming capabilities, PlayPulse offers content for every family member. PlayPulse ONE will ship early in 2023 to pre-order customers, and the company has large ambitions for the platform, content, and expansion in the years to come. 

“We are extremely excited to have NetEase Games as an investor and partner in the years to come”, says Erling Magnus Solheim, PlayPulse CEO. “They bring vast experience from the gaming industry and have built an active network of the most experienced creators in the market, and together we can bring PlayPulse to a larger audience.” 

Previously, PlayPulse raised a seed round led by Courtside VC, Initial Capital, and several angel investors with highly relevant backgrounds, including Jamie Brooker and  Johan Brand from Kahoot, Jasmine Maietta from Peloton, and Walter Cruttenden from Acorns.  In total, PlayPulse has raised more than $5M in seed funding.