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Welcome to Playpulse ONE

The Gaming Bike That Unlocks Your Fitness Motivation

We’re extremely excited to introduce Playpulse ONE, a game-changing combination of exercise bike, video game console, and entertainment system that makes working out more fun. 

Seamlessly integrating virtual entertainment with the workout, Playpulse ONE is the fitness device for anyone that wants a workout routine you will actually look forward to - both gamers and non-gamers alike. 

75% of American households own a video game console. Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization, 81% of adolescents are unhealthy and inactive. 73% of Americans want to be more active but struggle with motivation and lack of time. 

Our mission at Playpulse is to use the magic of virtual entertainment to make anyone look forward to their next workout. We believe this will have a massive societal impact by unlocking more active communities - fostering joy and enthusiasm around healthier lifestyles. 

Tech first: Playpulse ONE has a high precision pedal sensor which integrates the physical pedalling of the bike within the gameplay itself. Handlebars with game controllers as well as heart-rate sensors combine immersive gaming with measurable exercise results. With a 24” multitouch computer and a dedicated graphics card, the ONE is able to run 3D games with online multiplayer for truly social workout experiences. 

Playpulse ONE offers a rich library of video games, entertainment and fitness content. Users can stream their favorite show - as long as they keep up the pace - or the screen goes dark (optional). For the fitness purists we’ve made Playpulse Studio - also filled with gamification elements to make your desired workout program more exciting. 

The core Playpulse experience is in the exercise gaming. Playpulse ONE will ship with four games made with Unity 3D, in addition to several new games and experiences currently in development. In the future, Playpulse will create an open API for third party developers to create new and exciting experiences, resulting in the constant evolution of the user experience.


Launch Games & Apps
  • Pedaltanks - Capture the flag and win the war in this epic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Pick your own tank, each with different stats and abilities. Then start to pedal and use the strength of your tank to cooperate with your teammates and beat the opposing team!
  • Bumpercars - What do you get when you put Bumper Cars in space? An epic arcade game. Bump your way to victory by knocking opponents off the tracks. Watch out though, your opponents get smarter every minute and are constantly finding new ways to attack. How long can you outwit them?
  • Heat Street - Navigate colorful worlds, meticulously use power ups to gain tactical advantages, and find the best shortcuts to conquer your opponents. Keep your cool though, if you push your vehicle too hard it might just overheat and you're out of the race.  Each vehicle has unique statistics and power ups suited for its personality.
  • Playpulse Studio - Our exercise app for people who just want to get the workout done. Choose between different workouts and let Playpulse guide your workout - automatically adjusting the resistance and showing you what speed to aim for. Create goals and monitor your progression and fitness.
  • Streaming Gamification - integrated with the streaming service of your choice using your personal subscription. Have the screen go blurry or dark if you're not maintaining the exercise intensity you’ve set for the episode!
  • Platform Exercise Goals - In the Playpulse client you can create customized personal milestones for any workout goal you want to achieve. Exercise 4 days a week for a month? Bike the equivalent of Route 66, or London to Paris? Hit level 20 in Pedaltanks? Unlock all characters in Heat Street? Create your own goals and monitor your progress in our client!


The ever growing content library is made available via Playpulse LIVE, the bike’s subscription service, which is included for free for the first six months when pre-ordering a bike. Following the trial period it’s an optional $19.99/month. 

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About Playpulse

Playpulse is an in-home fitness company that provides entertainment-based workouts on custom exercise equipment for the whole family. The company’s flagship product is a wireless stationary bike with integrated game controllers which blends multi-player games into a seamless and immersive workout that you'll actually look forward to. Based on scientific evidence and tested with thousands of players, users get a complete workout without even realizing it because they’re having so much fun. 

The Oslo-based company is founded by Kristoffer Hagen, with a PhD in exercise gaming, former Microsoft world class developer Stian Weie, and Erling Magnus Solheim, co-founder of consumer goods success story Playpulse is backed by a number of successful entrepreneurs, such as Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker of Kahoot and Walter Cruttenden of Acorns.