10 reasons why the PlayPulse ONE is the best home exercise bike for you

10 reasons why the PlayPulse ONE is the best home exercise bike for you

What does the perfect exercise bike bring to the table? What does the perfect home workout session look like? We believe it should contain a little bit of everything. That’s why we’ve merged a great gaming experience, intensive studio sessions and a wide range of streaming opportunities within one exercise bike.

1. You’ll forget you’re working out

Stacked with multiple entertainment features, the PlayPulse ONE provides something for everyone to enjoy. Filled with games, streaming-services and traditional (but improved) workout-sessions, you’ll have something new to explore every time you get on the bike.

2. Exergaming beats traditional workouts

Research shows that playing games on the PlayPulse ONE provides better health rewards than regular walking. The benefit of escaping into the world of PlayPulse is that you’ll forget that you're actually using your body to move in the games. Staying healthy has now become fun! Gaming HIIITs different, and now you have the chance to earn real life HP while doing it!

3. An exercise bike built for your home workout 

Yes, you now have a gaming station, a gym studio and a cinema in your home. With all the built-in features and an evolving library of content, we predict that this will be a popular new addition to your home. Afraid the kids will occupy the bike all the time? No need to fight for playtime, the games will wear them out in no time, allowing you your fair share of the fun.

4. You’ll train your brain while getting exercise

Studies show that video gaming causes increased brain activity within the regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic planning as well as fine motor skills. Our games are designed to challenge your mind, as well as your body. With multiple games, gems, challenges and quests - you’ll be immersed from start to finish. All of this will make the PlayPulse ONE serve as a healthy addiction.

5. It’s something the whole family can use - together

- Play games with your kids and compete with the whole family.
- Stay active together.
- Every member of the family will love the bike, based on the great variations of content.
With a few adjustments, the bike will perfectly fit both children as well as adults.
With its height adjustable seat and steering controls, the ONE fits all riders, ranging from 4’4” (135cm) up to 6’4” (195cm). All the mechanics are also spring-loaded for optimal ease of use.The steel frame and high quality crank is built to carry up to 330 lbs (150 kg), while powering through high intensity workouts for hours on end.

6. These games are not like any other

The games are designed uniquely for our bike, to give anyone who plays them the best possible experience. The games will adapt to your skills and fitness level, so it doesn’t matter if you play a top athlete or not - you’ll both have a great, fun experience.

7. Entertaining exercise

With access to the most popular streaming platforms, multiple games, an always expanding library and your favorite studio sessions, there is bound to be something for everyone. We’ll be consistently adding new content, which will keep you pedaling for new goals.

8. The tech is next level

The PlayPulse ONE is packed with everything you need to run real games and any streaming content smoothly. With a dedicated graphics, 24” multitouch display, game controllers with haptic feedback to use in the games and a pedal sensor that is over 15 times more accurate than the traditional workout-bike - you are bound to succeed with every goal you set for yourself.

9. A small visual footprint and an award-winning design

We’ve designed the bike to have a small visual footprint to fit every home. With an award-winning design the PlayPulse ONE stands out from normal exercise bikes as a product that you can proudly showcase in your home.

10. Create a workout plan that contains gaming and watching your favorite shows

How about planning a weekly workout routine that involves gaming and watching your favorite tv-shows? Spice it up with a trip into the PlayPulse Studio and you’ll probably be raising your activity level by some margin. This is the perfect workout equipment for both beginners and the well trained.