The Playpulse Genesis Story

The Playpulse Genesis Story

Playpulse's mission: turning exercise into a fun, virtual experience - giving people the joy and sense of mastery from working out by making it something you actually look forward to.

The scientific era (2015 - 2017)
Combining their mutual love for gaming and sports, Stian and Kristoffer made the very first Playpulse prototype as part of their master’s thesis in Computer Science at NTNU in 2015. 

Due to their exceptional user testing results, they were offered a PhD to do scientific research and advance human understanding on what gaming mechanisms make workouts more fun. 

Kristoffer dived deeply into the topic for two years and published some of the initial discoveries. However, after getting a lot of requests by people wanting to buy the prototype bike after trying it, it became clear that this experience deserved to grow out of the university lab.

The testing era (2017-2019)

Kristoffer and Stian joined forces with Erling Magnus to take the product from the lab into the real world, in order to test and learn. They ran tests with thousands of users at various locations, from gyms to schools to youth clubs. The focus has always been making a great gaming experience that people would enjoy playing for a long time. 

- "We saw people loving the product in all these different contexts" Kristoffer says. "But one common question was always asked: When can we get this for our own home?”

- "At that point we understood that we had to make the experience into an online multiplayer platform, and a beautiful product that people would be proud to have in their homes", says Stian.

The development era (2020 - 2021)
The last year has been spent on refining the product and hiring a number of amazing people to make this project come to life. We have established partnerships with some of the best teams around the world to make this machine ready for mass production and shipping by the end of 2021.

- "The whole team is now extremely proud to give Playpulse its Hello World! moment", says Erling Magnus.

The future (2021 - >)
The Playpulse journey has just begun. Where we go from here is also up to you - the Playpulse pioneers!