An award-winning design - to fit every home

An award-winning design - to fit every home

When creating the Red Dot Award-winning design of the Playpulse ONE, a practical and universal design with a high level of adjustability and functionality was our top priority. A product design with no compromise between functionality and aesthetics, but where the two properties work together and create the wholesome product that is the Playpulse ONE. 

The best of both worlds

Playpulse ONE is a connection between the playful expression from the gaming world, combined with the sporty essence from fitness products. We’ve captured the best qualities from both worlds in the beautiful design of Playpulse ONE. As a result, Playpulse ONE stands out from normal exercise bikes, as a product that you can proudly showcase in your home.

Playpulse ONE in familyhome

Minimal visual distractions 

The combination of high grade materials, raising the chassis from the base and the use of clean lines, results in an attractive aesthetic and gives the bike a modern expression. By adding flush adjustment latches we managed to keep the surface smooth with minimal visual distractions. 

Realizing that the typical gaming setup can be an acquired taste, we decided to go for a cleaner look, hiding powerful technology within the chassis and screen, while still keeping the playful nature the bike deserves. 

With a solid metal base, a strong steel frame and a high quality crank, Playpulse ONE can carry up to 330 lbs (150 kg), and perform through high intensity workouts for hours on end.

Playpulse ONE flush adjustment latch

The (Red Dot Design) award-winning team

On our way to the final design, we teamed up with the Hong Kong-based Italian designer, Andrea Ponti, to assist with the fine tuning of the design:

- The project has been challenging yet highly exciting. Playpulse ONE combines ergonomic studies on gestures and postures, advanced user experience and user interface, premium materials and custom finishes, together with a sleek and minimal design language. The result is a product that stands out for its sophisticated appearance and for the attention to every single detail. With remote working on the rise, our lifestyle has become even more sedentary. Playpulse One gives us the possibility to stay fit and have fun, at the same time.

- The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most popular and recognized design awards in the industry. Winning such a prestigious award with Playpulse ONE is extremely exciting and gratifying. The entire design team worked 24/7 to deliver a highly innovative product that combines exercise with fun; a gaming bike designed to turn workouts into a new user experience by combining sports hardware with gaming interfaces.

It is both a joy and an honor to receive a Red Dot Design Award for product design. The affirmation from the competent expert juries that we look up to is both heartwarming and highly motivating! We are very excited to finally get to share our award-winning bike with all our customers. 


Pia Sofie Sollund, Head of Product Design