FAQ about the PlayPulse ONE

FAQ about the PlayPulse ONE

On the last Thursday of every month, we'll be sharing some of your most frequently asked questions, providing the answers as best we can. Below you'll find some topics that we've shed a little more light on.

If you have any more queries regarding the pre-ordering process of the PlayPulse ONE, we'd love to chat.

What is a pre-order?

When you place a pre-order, you are ensuring that you are first in line to get one of the first Playpulse ONE's to ever be produced. The full payment is processed upfront (with a $500 pre-order discount), and you are of course able to apply for a refund if at some point you change your mind. For further details see our terms and conditions.

When pre-ordering the PlayPulse ONE, do I pay in full?

Currently, there are two payment options available to you during the time of pre-orders. You can purchase the PlayPulse ONE outright at $1,499 right now, which will give you $500 off of the final price, or you can choose to pay a deposit of $199 which will book your place in line, and a remaining $1,499 will be invoiced later, at the time of shipping. You can read more about deposits here.

When will I get the PlayPulse ONE?

Your shipping date depends on when you place your order. The estimated delivery date can be found during checkout and in your order confirmation email.

I'm above the suggested 6" (185 cm) height - will I still be able to use The PlayPulse ONE comfortably?

Yes. We have users that are 6,5" (198 cm) in the office that are comfortable on the bike. If you'd like to schedule a call to see and talk with one of them, feel free to reach out by answering this email. Read more about the bike here.

What is PlayPulse LIVE?

Playpulse LIVE includes full access to all the games and the Playpulse STUDIO features found on the Playpulse platform. This Includes access to seasonal updates to existing games, as well as full access to all upcoming titles. PlayPulse LIVE is a subscription service, and you can get the most out of your Playpulse ONE for just $19.99/mo or $199 for the year (Each subscription allows for 5 users).

I want to order the PlayPulse ONE without the subscription. Will everything be available?

The PlayPulse ONE works perfectly without PlayPulse LIVE. You'll still have access to all your existing streaming service subscriptions. You'll also have access to some playable versions of the titles found within the games and STUDIO libraries.