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About PlayPulse

PlayPulse exists because most people want to be fit but don’t find hardcore workouts fun. We fuse the magic of interactive entertainment with the proven effect of interval workouts. The workout you look forward to is the one that works.


PlayPulse was founded by a group of playful, passionate and extremely ambitious people that want to use their love for video gaming to make a positive impact on the world.

We have been working together since the university lab, on the road across countries and in countless product tests.

After years of intense product development and testing, we are close to bringing this game-changing experience to the world, and are incredibly proud and excited about the result.

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PlayPulse Media Kit



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The Founders

Erling Magnus Solheim

Stian Weie

Kristoffer Hagen


"This was more fun than Fortnite!"

12-year old demo user at SpillExpo (Gaming Exhibition, Norway)


PlayPulse AS
Christian Krohgs gate 1
0186 Oslo